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Car conversions for wheelchair users

Often the physically impaired can’t make good use of standard automobiles. To function in everyday traffic, most require custom-made modifications. This is the field of specialists, this is Tripod Mobility territory.

Tripod Mobility helps you on your way

Tripod Mobility was established in 1980 to introduce new ideas to handicapped mobility. In those days, wheelchair vehicles were often large and heavy. So the Dutch company responded to the need for more compact wheelchair accessible vehicles. Tripod started developing conversions for standard cars and minivans. Since then, Tripod has introduced several innovations for handicapped transportation, and has established itself as an international leader in the field of car conversions.

Tripod helps you on your way since 1980

Tripod helps you on your way since 1980

Service, a goal in itself For Tripod, handicapped transportation is about more than driving wheelchair users from A to B. Mobility should be a service industry that helps the physically impaired on their way. And to reach this goal, technological innovation is probably the most important tool. Even though Tripod has become an international market leader, in many ways it’s still the same small, ambitious company. As before, we strive to facilitate the life of the physically impaired through innovative car conversions.

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Tripod helps you on your way Regardless of your handicap, Tripod strives to help you on your way. We adapt cars for:
– Wheelchair passengers
– Independent driving from wheelchair
– Wheelchair taxis
– Custom-fit modifications

Tripod doesn’t really distinguish between modifying passenger cars, mini vans, SUV’s or commercial vans. Above all, wheelchair vehicles are cars. For instance, car conversions shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort and finish. Tripod Mobility helps you on your way, but as comfortably as possible.

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