Tripod Mobility WAV’s are the perfect combination of comfort, style and driving pleasure. To convert a regular car into a WAV we need to provide it with a lowered bottom. This creates more interior space for the wheelchair passenger, who also has a panoramic view. See what the possibilities are for each model.

The wheelchair passenger can take place on the first, second or third row depending on the car model. The rest of the space can be designed to accommodate more passengers according to your own wishes. A short lightweight ramp gives easy access to the car.

For safety, a wheelchair lock and an adjustable three-point belt are always placed. The whole interior is neatly finished with a carpet and / or stainless steel panels. In our conversions we always place the original bumper back so that the car looks don’t show any alteration on the outside. Our conversion has been approved by the manufacturer and complies with all European standards.


All wheelchair accessible vehicles converted with a Tripod Mobility WAV kit fulfill the safety requirements and retain the full factory warranty of the car manufacturer. Please visit each car model for more specific information about approvals.

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