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Tripod Mobility has converted the Peugeot Partner and the Citroën Berlingo to give wheelchair users direct access to the front row. In this compact car, most wheelchairs can easily reach the driver’s and co-driver’s spot. The front even offers room for two wheelchairs next to each other.

Despite its compact size, the UpFront offers equal room for the wheelchair(s) as a much larger van or minivan. The UpFront also offers:

  • Easy to drive in cities
  • Fewer fuel consumption
  • Substantially lower base price than the larger alternatives

The interior space is maximized by lowering the floor as much as possible. Nonetheless the ground clearance is not affected, so speed bumps are not a problem. Via the ramp and spacious rear entrance the lowered floor gives most wheelchairs unobstructed access all the way up to the dashboard.

Upfront inside
UpFront getting in
Automatic tailgate and ramp
UpFront driving

The UpFront can accommodate virtually every wheelchair. The set up on the front row allows for two wheelchairs, two regular car seats, or one of each.

The lowered floor extends from the tailgate all the way to under the dashboard. The UpFront doesn’t require the use of a lift, because the lowered floor optimizes the accessibility. Optionally the UpFront can be equipped with the NIVO system, which reduces the inclination angle by lowering the rear of the car to the pavement.

The original front seats are mounted on a wheeled frame, for improved removal and re-installation.


  • Lowered floor from tailgate to pedal box
  • New fuel tank of app. 55 liters (14.5 gallon)
  • Modified exhaust system
  • Lightweight ramp, length 95 cm (38 inch)
  • Fully upholstered lowered floor
  • Easily removable front seats on wheels
  • Electric parking brake
  • The original pedal box for the break and the accelerator are still usable, besides the manual controls for the wheelchair users


  • NIVO system that reduces the angle of the ramp by hydraulically lowering the rear of the vehicle
  • Automatic tailgate and ramp, with remote control
  • Triflex swiveling & folding seat, left and/or right. (Triflex is a full seat that can swivel and fold for unobstructed wheelchair access)
  • Foldable ramp of 130 cm (51 inch)


Tripod Mobility is always driven by safety, and is therefore one of the few car conversion companies worldwide that has invested in its own test bench. Tripod products are tested according to European standards and have the seal of approval of the Dutch Department of transportation (RDW).

Brochure UpfrontCitroën UpFrontPeugeot UpFront


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